Selected References

I had the pleasure of working on the year-long Year of Music project with Chris in which he created over a dozen promotional videos for us, showcasing Manitoba’s music scene. His attention to detail and incredible ability to connect with our vision contributed to the smooth carryout of the project. Our partners were continuously impressed with the final products (videos) and have used them to further their business. From this experience, I have hired Chris again to prepare video for the Western Canadian Music Alliance expect that I will turn to him again when another project arrises.
— Robyn Stewart, Executive Director, Western Canada Music Awards, Breakout West

I have hired Chris on a number of occasions, and he has always knocked it out of the park, delivering high-quality work on time and on budget.

Chris is not only a great media producer/videographer, but he is an excellent person to work with. He is highly creative, and always comes through in the execution. He takes his work very seriously, and can always be depended on to be where he needs to be on schedule.

He also directs talent very well, and they find him personable and easy to work with. He can relate to just about anyone on their level, which is an extremely important skill to have in my experience working in video production.

In any situation involving video, Chris is the first person I would call. He has proven himself to be reliable and to deliver great value time and again, and that is not something easy to come by.
— Mike Girardin, Digital Marketer | Online Sales Specialist | E-Commerce Manager, Silver Jeans Co.

We worked with Chris on a number of music performance videos and mini-docs. Chris was a pleasure to work with, always coming to a project with tremendous energy, full of ideas, and open to creative direction. As a project manager, Chris went above on beyond to make sure that our shoot ran smoothly, that everyone had the information they needed, and that everyone felt comfortable and could perform at their best. In post, Chris is a thoughtful editor with eye for detail and a large style palette.
— Sean McManus, Executive Director, Manitoba Music

Working with Chris was a great experience. He brought enormous professionalism to our video project, and we are really pleased with the results. Notably, Chris was genuinely interested in our work and took time to understand what we wanted to portray. From everything to ensuring great set up and lighting to much-appreciated coaching on speaking for the camera, Chris made this easy for us. We’d definitely recommend his services!
— Anne Lindsey, Executive Director, Local Investment Toward Employment (LITE)

Chris is a great videographer, that’s obvious when you watch Pocket Gigs or the Loft Sessions. What makes Chris unique is that he is driven by excellence. He cares about every last detail, and works as hard and as seriously for the low-budget indie music piece as he does for his bigger clients. Nothing gets Chris’ okay unless it meets his high standards. This goes for both his work, as well as for those he works with. I’m always confident that if Chris is running the show, the best people are involved, and the best work is done.
— Sara Stasiuk, Director of Operations, Six Shooter Records and Interstellar Rodeo